About Milena Moore
Milena Moore

Milena Moore is a consulting medical herbalist based in Faversham in Kent.

Milena Moore completed a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Western Herbal Medicine, acquired on completion of extensive training at the University of Westminster. She acquired extensive experience through clinical practice in London and Kent, where she treats patients with a wide variety of health problems. 

Milena's work combines expert knowledge, care for her patients, and offers treatments that aims at curing root problems rather than just relieving symptoms. She treats the whole person and cares about what each individual wants out of the treatment.

People consult Milena for a wide variety of health complaints: generally they are individuals who are not entirely satisfied with the results achieved by their traditional medication and want further treatment.

Herbal medicine can be taken alongside orthodox medication, and herbalists are trained to avoid any interactions between drugs and herbs.

Western herbal medicine offers a gentle, yet efficient way of regaining and maintaining health: thousands of years of use, as well as modern scientific evidence, contribute to the efficacy and safety of western herbal medicine.

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Milena is recommended by the National Candida Society

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