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What are the symptoms of IBS?
The symptoms include one or several of the following: bloating, trapped wind, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation, frequent or infrequent bowel movements, indigestion.

Why do people with IBS frequently consult a herbalist for help?
It is not well understood why IBS develops and there is little treatment for IBS.
People want to find a solution to their problem; they want to understand why it is happening and can be done about it.
A herbalist will analyse why IBS has developed in each individual. There can be a number of reasons: following an infection, an illness, after a pregnancy, after a period of intense stress or emotional trauma, following certain medication or as a result of a food intolerance or allergy. This latter is the most common cause in my experience of treating IBS.
Once we understand the cause, it can be treated through lifestyle or dietary changes and/or herbal treatment and/or nutritional supplements.

What do I do next?
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