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Restless Leg Syndrome

"I was suffering with severe spasms and pain in my legs, which were keeping me awake at night. I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome and tried several conventional medicines that did nothing to help and gave me side-effects. I turned to Milena for help. She prescribed some Herbal Medicine and after taking the preparation for just over a week I found I was getting a good night's sleep. Symptoms continued to improve and I now no longer require any medicine, the Restless Legs Syndrome has gone."
~Mr L Ellis, Romney Marsh.


"I took my daughter to see Milena following years of suffering with eczema. Traditional creams didn't seem to work and our doctor rarely had five minutes to see us. What a contrast when I took her to see Milena. She spent an hour thoroughly looking at my daughter's diet, drawing out any other medical problems and even discussing some emotional problems that had been affecting her at school. On the way back in the car my daughter and I talked further about her problems and I'm really grateful that Milena was able to draw these out. After a course of herbal medicine her eczema is much better and a change of diet has had lasting results. I would recommend Milena to anyone who is fed up with the lack of time their own GP has to really find out the root cause of the problem". ~Tracey White, Margate.

Allergy testing and IBS

" Before I had my allergy test I had constant IBS every single day.  I couldn't put my finger on why I was getting so tired and ill.  I cut out all ingredients for a month and gradually introduced them into my diet and monitored the effects.  I found out which caused my bloating and which caused my IBS.  I also found that very acidic foods like tomatoes gave me stomach cramps and itchy skin.  I rarely have IBS these days.  After cutting out the foods I have noticed that I am not bloated anymore which has caused me to drop a dress size and lose a stone.  My itchy skin and stomach cramps have also got a lot better since the change of diet.  I would definitely recommend to anyone who is having similar problems to have an allergy test because so much can change from it.  ."
~R.R., Kent

Exhaustion and loss of oietite

" Milena is a thorough professional, yet treats one in a warm friendly manner.  My mother of 87 years went to Milena with exhaustion and loss of appetite after months of medication for osteoarthritis.  Milena took the time to take a complete medical history and, making links between apparently unconnected health problems, came up with a holistic diagnosis, which enabled her to prescribe a herbal prescription from a perspective a G.P. would not understand. After weeks of exhaustion the G.P. could only recommend rest. After 2 days of Milena's medicine my mother's appetite returned, closely followed by normal energy levels within a fortnight. This was an extraordinary result and I recommend Milena very highly."
~Avril, Kent


" My husband and I were desperate to have a child. We had been trying for 7 years when Milena was recommended by a friend of mine. I went to see her in February and instantly felt comfortable and reassured. She prescribed a mixture of herbs as well as changes to my diet. I felt my body changing over the four months of taking the medicine.  
In February, I starting feeling unwell, did a test, and found I was pregnant. Shock and disbelief. But I am expecting in September. Thank you Milena for making our dream come true! "
~ Paul & Nichola. 




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