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What is cystitis?

Cystitis is when the bladder and urinary tract are inflamed, usually through an infection. This causes extreme discomfort upon urination, urgency and frequency with little fluid being passed. The danger with cystitis is that the infection can travel up to the kidneys, which are fragile organs.

What causes cystitis?

Infections tend to arise in certain circumstances, commonly found in chronic cystitis sufferers. These may be low immunity, a malformation, a diet high in refined sugar, low fluid intake, chronic stress etc. It is also quite commonly associated with thrush, which itself may arise for different reasons and in that case, the urine test usually finds no bacteria.

How can Herbal Medicine help?

If you suffer with recurrent Cystitis, then it is best to book in for a full consultation.

Herbalists treat the person, not just the symptoms. Through a detailed case history and observation, they will determine what is really happening within the urinary tract and why the problem arose in the first place.

The herbalist will take into account your health history, mindset, diet, and lifestyle in order to determine the most appropriate combinations of herbs for you.

Part of the strategy will include certain actions, which are useful in cystitis:

Why use Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine treats underlying root cause rather that suppressing symptoms. This will help prevent the problem from re-occurring in the future, as opposed to treating it temporarily.

Herbs taken under the prescription of an herbalist are gentle, yet effective remedies. As they support the body’s functions, they have no side-effects unlike most conventional drugs.
Herbal medicine can be taken alongside conventional treatment.





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