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Our quality and pattern of sleep is subject to a number of different factors; our lifestyle, environment, stress levels. And sleep is a habitual activity, which means that if our sleep pattern is altered for a few nights because of a change in our life, it may carry on for weeks or months after the event.

A healthy sleep is essential for our health and well-being and any disturbance like not falling asleep for hours or waking up throughout the night will eventually wear us down. For those who have a chronic health problem, it is particularly crucial to sleep well.

How can Herbal Medicine help?

Just as the body enters an unhealthy pattern of sleep easily, it is often quite easy to reverse that back into a healthier pattern and therefore the sleep medicine often only needs to be taken for a short while to “re-train” the body .

Relaxing and sedative are used to calm the body and mind before going to bed. These herbs do not “knock you out” like a standard sleeping tablet does. It simply relaxes you enough that you will have a deeper sleep and prevents you from waking up in the night for no good reason. You will still wake up if you hear a noise or if you need to get up.

Why use Herbal Medicine?

Unlike orthodox sleeping medication, herbs used to restore sleep are non-addictive, free of side-effects, will not make you feel sleepy or groggy in the morning and usually only need to be taken for a short while in order to restore your LONG-TERM sleep.











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