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What is Gout?
Gout is an inflammatory condition which can be acute or chronic.

What are the symptoms?
Gout is characterized by excruciating pain, located in one or several joints. These are usually in the toes but can also sometimes be the knees or elbows.
As well as the pain, the inflamed joints are usually red, hot and swollen. The area is tender and the pain is worse with movement.

What causes Gout?
Gout is caused by Uric Acid crystals getting ‘trapped’ in the joints, causing pain and inflammation. For uric acid crystals to form, the person usually has elevated amounts of uric acid in the blood. This can be due to an imbalance in metabolism, or it can be caused by an acidic diet. Gout can sometimes develop after taking diuretics (water tablets).

How can a herbalist help?
In several ways:
-Through dietary advice designed to stop the attack and prevent further episodes.
-Through a herbal treatment as well as prevent further attacks WITHOUT SIDE-EFFECTS or ANY HARM TO THE BODY. Herbs work to support the body, not against it, hence the absence of side-effects.
A cream applied topically to provide relief is often prescribed.

What is normally prescribed for Gout?
The most common orthodox treatment for Gout is a drug called Allopurinol (or Ziloprim). It reduces the production of uric acid in the body, hence why it helps in Gout. However, gout sufferers often have to take it on a long-term basis to prevent attacks.

Where do I go from here?
If you are suffering with an acute attack of gout at the moment, then call the dispensary (01795 529 005) to arrange a visit. You will have a short consultation and be prescribed a treatment to relieve your symptoms.
If you are a chronic sufferer and you want to understand Gout better and prevent any further attacks, then ring the clinic to book a consultation with Milena.








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